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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


they changed pvp in the later updates for the worse.

I mean, idk whether I like it more or less


But fortnite has kinda replaced it in the youngin’s hearts


but Hypixel still has the spamclick


I mean. many people these days have been brainwashed by others



And fortnite sucks and is literally designed to addict kids and suck their money


I’ve fucking talked to my psychologist about Fortnite and I told him how it succeeds in the addicting point.


He asked me because he was doing research on it.


The days of video games being what they’re supposed to be: fun with friends, are basically over.

Now they’re all half finished filled with bugs and microtransactions to take your money


app store


Mafia City > Front night


Ok I’ll have to download flash




Fallout 76 is the biggest disappointment to me of the year


Nobody tell nintendo this


I loved fallout 4, even though lots of people said it was bad but 76 was abyssmal and I’m glad I never bought it.


it could’ve just worked

but no


who likes the todd howard reference


I remember the mariokart with friends as a kid


mario kart was the fucking shit


Hell. I still love it today.

Just playing it to fuck around