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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


Thats way too nsfw for this Forum


I thought it was a +18 chat



This post already has 4 likes and I didn’t really expect 4 people to care all that much so thanks everyone : D


Make it 5 bucko




Course people care



what does waffleo mean

also wow 8 likes can we hit 100000 likes


We’re All Friends, Friends Love Each Other

It was meant to just be WAFFLE but it turns out each other’s two words




Question will the cookies gifted from cookie threads be homemade or store bought?


Store bought for shipping probably


who knows


I think that after eight months I have discovered what was the fault with me
I’m very happy with that


All this time I just lacked identity
And looking behind not realizing it seems so stupid.


you dont have any faults everyone here is perfect!

in all seriousness though, nice


I am intrigued
Would you care to explain? If anything even through private


I vinculated my identity way too much with the one of a student
So when I stopped studying at the rhythm I did for an external factor I kind of went in an acedic mode where I couldn’t push myself to do anything for anything


I see
I hope you find yourself now that you had this realization


I heed your words of support.