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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


what were you gonna say before I added my two cents to the talk of alcohol and drugs


It was something stupid as about if there’s a way to complain about a class to someone


Should have added all three


I’m in college I’m too poor for that


This is amazing


literally just watched that A SECOND before I pulled up the forum wth


who the fuck steals someone else’s packages? trashy people



Honestly I’m glad I live in a remove area (no autofill I’m not telling them the exact name of my town) so I’ve never had to deal with it






Today I sleep well


finally in a place where i’m sure i’ve settled on the right labels and ID for me


Although trying to give it a single label wouldn’t really work






for those of you who care to know what im talking about i’ll put it in this lil box because its fairly big and i dont want to make the whole thread about me


I decided that I now officially ID as non-binary, gender is a confusing subject but I feel like this is more accurate to what I am, I describe it as “60-70% girl”, and while that might not really be what I mean, I feel it’s the most accurate.

So while I still use She/Her pronouns I also use They/Them now as well, so either of those are good.

Also I’d prefer to be referred to as Jazz as opposed to Jasmine, but that’s just a little thing I’m not gonna change my name again and I’m not gonna be annoyed at you if you stick with the full name.



Thats good to hear Jazz

Honestly, i think identifying yourself and who you are is something that helps shape you to be a better person in someways, because it can show yourself who you are, and how you can positively influence your life.


I’ve learnt how to cut a deck of cards in front of somebody’s eyes without them noticing.


I just noticed your title