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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


pubg pubgay and fortnite is just gay


Fun fact:

This is positivity thread :wink:


so I can sans gaming




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


as isaac would say

bye noobs


uncle is going to go play runescape like the loser he is


see you in 3 hours when I get lvl 40 attack.

shittalk runescape pls. I want to read the stupidest and best criticisms (in a different thread)


make fun of grinding the game here. aka shitty plug


u know FEH is also a grinding game, which you may also like :stuck_out_tongue:


Warframe is another good one tbh, I spent 3 hours alone grinding for a part for another character


fire emblem trash


Rereading the last 100 messages

Hi guys what’s upShocked-Troy-Walks-Into-Fire-With-Pizza-Community



> smoking once 'just to see what it's like'
that could have gone a lot worse than it did lmao


stop corrupting my child REEE




My father was addicted to smoking, so I knew the stakes. It was really more of a curiosity thing. :angel:

I swear :smiling_imp:


Alright so I just got my final grade for Linear Algebra and it’s the first time I have ever not gotten an A in a class with a grade in my life

I could be upset but honestly grades have never been important to me and I’m just relieved that it’s over

I have always loved my math classes and it’s been a testament to how poorly set-up this class is here that it managed to make me hate a math class

I got A’s on all of the exams too, so I’m still happy with my own performance and what I learned - it’s just the excessive and superfluous homework that brought me to a B+, and with any luck I’ll never have to deal with that much busywork in one single class again :smile:


also to chime in on prior discussion I’m with the responsible and smart moderators here

haven’t ever tried drinking or drugs, and although I’m sure I’ll have a glass of wine every once in a while when I’m 21 I don’t have any reason to start actually drinking or smoking so I’m sure I just won’t