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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


Come 1 v 1 in hay day


it’s the time of the year again where uncle leaves his 40 nephews to go play runescape for the next year


hjasik become sans


Don’t, it’s just an endless grind.


it is.

but an enjoyable grind for me for some reason



this is why I have no friends


Find friends that enjoy the same endless grinds that you do.

don’t take this out of context

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

none of my friends enjoy the games I like.

they only play fortnite and gay shit like that


You say you are hungry?


Get them to play with you or play something that they like and see if you like it too.

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

ewww fortnite


I play roblox


That is fortnite, I see.


I tried playing runescape with some.

all got confused and quit at tutorial fucking island


minecraft is superior in every way, shape and form

the song parodies are better and epicer


I quit moment I saw that you can only look from above


well you can move the camera


pug fact

all games must be fortnite. if a game is not fortnite then the epic games behind it will be taken as tribute for the next irl fortnite battle royale


Pubg is better