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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)




I’m tired of eating cake
I’ve been eating cake for 5 days


too lazy to prayer altar.

also f2p prayer training is ass


bury bones

repeat for 24 hours.

congrats you gained 1 level of prayer


i have no idea what this means as ive never touched runescape in my life


I don’t play it for so much time I forgot what my character did


Lord save me.


it means your prayer points have been used up upon all the buffs you’ve activated via prayer menu.

(they deplete really fast)

the 0 is the current. 16 is the level of the skill


what even is that


Oh your cake has fruits


also insanity I’m hungry now


take them out and smash them on the ground floor


@discobot fortune

can mercenary beat sans undertale?




no fucking way…


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Oh god, now the grown up are drunk and screaming, AHHHHHHHHHHH


nobody can beat bernie sansers undertale



It’s has a very D&D-esque combat style


oh ok