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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


why not just bond playing super smash brothers or some shit


bond with me jimmy


I bond with my friends by ditching them to go play runescape like the loser I am


there’s no bond that can’t be forged by spiking someone into a pit with captain falcon’s dair


spikes are bad


you’re bad


you too furry man


It depends on the kind of person. Doing it once will satisfy your curiosity and everyone that I know (including myself) says that smoking cigarettes for the first time is a god awful experience, because you just cough a lot.

The only reason you’d find it enjoyable is if it gives you “cool points” for doing it in whatever group you’d do it in, so ensure that that is not the reason.


oh. speaking of furry.

hi insanity


Only tasted beer and wine :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little bit tho.




insanity who is your favorite undertale


Last time I drank my hands kind of went so slow that I could only type a word every 5 seconds
Not a really enjoyable experience


Very enjoyable.
just means you got a weak threshold


Frisk undertale.


Because people that don’t play it, won’t be into it as you’ll destroy them.

It’s not as easy trying to invite people to that as opposed to a drink.

Alcohol literally takes away your inhibitions and makes you and the other person open up more and feel more at ease.


mine is mario undertale


weird flex but okay. (yes I’m aware I have awful stats)


I think I am going to puke by eating too much cake, ahhhhhhhh.


creeper. awww man