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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


It’s basically a Semi-Realistic cop scenario where you’re tasked with different missions that increase in difficulty as the time goes on. Along dealing with the mafia, cops have their own secret win conditions that I think they have to fulfill

they can be malicious, but no guarantees


Err. I can’t work on it now. Maybe in the future? I’m hosting the Saw, which is starting right now, and I’ve got a secret project with Simon.


oof ok


Maybe, but I’d need to look in At this.


Oh right.

@Geyde I wish you health, get better soon!



Who is this :thinking:

Meh, must be some copycat of Eevee’s bot.




I wish you well too.

Hope you get better :slight_smile:


I repurposed it and gave it to Geyde.
It’s currently broken


Ah, I see, sounds reasonable.


so i dont have to work on this?