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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)



Livi, you haven’t been on here in months, I had to explain to the host of the Hydra game that you were gone

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Plz no, not the Can-Hammer!


You’re alive


Unlike your smash mash


Why don’t you revive it, Mr. Chrom Fanboy?


Yes Sir!

@Moleland I want this back plezzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I’m sorry about that, I got to a point where I was starting to feel the effects of doubt and undermining and persuasion as is commonplace in ToL so I took a break when winter came which also coincided with catching up with old friends

also @Marluxion if someone wants to host it feel free to let them have the smash mash

we’re in prime time for it


Actually, it’s about 7pm for me. But tomorrow is perfect


I might just start it over.

If Mole won’t show up.


@Moleland where’d you go


Hes been gone for a month now.


:eyes: Maybe we should let Eevee start this up again


Do it Eeveemon


you guys do realize that Eevee is playing and hosting multiple games right?

Plus he has his own personal life.


Looks at thread and thinks of a way to automate it


Maybe gib idea to @Magnus

I would vote Eeveemon, but they said they have IRL health issues, along with hosting a game.


Wha? Give this to me? Wut?


Take it


No idea what it Is.