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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


Sorry guys, busy until tomorrow. Thanks for being patient with me I might pop in and check, but cant really update the game.


No problem Mole


As long as I know we’re gonna continue this then sweet. You’re fine mole.


this is your reminder to listen to skins








@Moleland Moleman






The feeling that this might be canned is growing tbh.


Hopefully it will be revived on winter break where we can play some moar


Is it time to chant sacrifice yet?


Hi all. Sorry about my absence lately.

I’ll have to put this on hold, pending the end of my SFOL which is starting now.


Don’t worry the end of the world didn’t come so i think we’re good for now.


I guess we can continue?

since everyone is here I assume, or everyone needed




I have no clue

I’m just waiting for Mole


Where have you been?!


Honestly, it’s canned

Game has been inactive for a month

And idk when mole last appeared on the forums