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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


That is very true




We’re waiting for Mole



Noz and Blue are on route


Disorderly conduct report
Offender caught, Officers unharmed

Noz and Blue are on route back

Emergency Call Hostage situation with Fatal Casualty
Fool’s Asylum
A group of inmates rebelled against their nurses during breakfast. 3 of the nurses are wounded, and the hostage takers are threatening to kill a nurse every hour until they are released.


Eevee and Me, Swat and maybe Paddy Wagon.


@Moleland I’m sending Livicus and Blizer with Livi as a leader.





I am chief


Then send someone :’)


But Eevee, do you work well with Poke and Blizer?


I’m in the process of thinking


Let me clear one thing…

I have no idea with whom I work correctly xD


but you said you don’t work well with Light


Only cause I was bored and wanted to solo a mission :’)


No, seriously speaking. I was not told who is who.

In theory I should be informed as of perception base when I go on missions with them.

I know two people so far.

Rest is yours to figure.


Okay let’s just take a whole bunch of people and see what happens

Eevee, Blizer, SWAT



Then I guess best thing to do is mix and match, Eevee call for reinforcements though if you don’t match with Blizer


This is gonna be a false alarm :’)


I’m removing the paddy then


Eevee leading?