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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


Even if Marg isn’t compatible with you, she can be sent on missions with other people that aren’t compatible and we don’t have to worry about sending compatibles on missions without you.


Blue, do you know if you’re BD or Unseen? Did your uncle tell you something?


Blue, did your uncle tell you if you are black or white?


Livi, your post sounds weird, lol.


Nah m8 no clue


But my uncle told me if I make it through my shift without dying I can have some of his goodwaffles


weirdly worded


so you’re his scion?


No I’m his nciephew


(worst pun achieved)


I have no idea what that even was




I’d like to send out @Kai_5 :crown: and @Bluestorm





Why aren’t you coming on missions with us… actually.


Am I allowed to? Heck, I would come out on missions with you guys


Scion is a word, not son with CI in middle. LOL.


I mean, do you have stats?


no I don’t



But who will forbid you?

You are chief here after all.


I know

I just find any means to an end, where end = terrible pun