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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


She responded. Game will resume tomorrow


Day 11


Emergency Call Disorderly Conduct
Miss Watson, an Elderly resident, called in a complaint about her neighbours. Her house is shaking from the loud gnashing and roaring turbines, accompanied by strange beeping noises. Through the window, she also saw some people moving about


@Livicus Eeekkk


We’re ready



Good beans


Let’s send Noz and Blue out to get a scope of the situation


/vote 1


I need to do something useful for once at least


/Vote 1 Back on the wagon






But cmon

let’s talk serious

today’s a request day to city hall

do we want to bring Celeste back?


Is she unseen or BD?


I have no clue


She died before you were brought in


I kinda wanna see what better swat will do but sure


So I have no clue if we want her.

How about you will ask for a rise instead?


but the manpower


More cops = less chance of being caught out

Plus more chance of you going with someone you can ACTUALLY go with


although the problem is I don’t know how many days I have