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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)



I can’t do this today

I have a calculus final in the afternoon


So I need all the time I can get


What about after the afternoon?


@Livicus can I be your deputy for today?


And decide actions?


Good luck on that

Have auditions in a couple hours

Kinda nervous but oh well


Good luck everyone!


Livi, asign a deputy :’)


Or we can just skip a day


Deputy would be also good in case Livi is murdered by mafia ya know?

Like the reserve cheif :’)


Then it would most likely be someone with not too good/useful stats




Shush, I’m one of the few with firearms :^)


Same here.


It has to be someone who is able to keep up with harder and harder mission managment, especialy after losing a cop (so he become new chief)


I mean this game is really just a deadly spiral.

If you lose too many cops you won’t be able to perform your job, so your opinion with city hall will fall, so you won’t be able to get more cops.


A true chain reaction





/vote 1