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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


I have a strength, speed and perception of a devil.


I match you on perc now


I also match you on speed. I think both of us do though.


So basically

Poke + Light = Eevee + Race Penalty


As I said - I’m one man army.

But one man is important.


Well the speed bois are the best duo!


Well I’m going to assume that Blue is whatever side you aren’t for, Eevee


Hmm now the question also stays not only wich site I prefer, but if I have lower stats with my enemy cause they distract me or higher cause I want to show I’m better then them.



Mafia’s not winning for one day

they’re perfectly tied, but apparently I need them on the top all the time


Are you dead yet?


no not yet

but if this goes on like this for 2 more days


Sounds good.


Wakes up and makes some coffee


Helps Light with making coffee


While others are making coffee, goes to police storage room, takes all guns and sells them to cults


makes toast




puts cinamon on toast


Alright I’m bored @Livicus

I don’t wanna be trapped in this time paradox


Well rip

goes bak to sleep