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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


The civilian didn’t die, THAT wasn’t the issue. The dude got away is all.

Your argument doesn’t hold up.


Yeah, that’s weird.

How did he escape the prison at all, lol.


Okay okay guys

let’s not argue, it’s late for you Europeans


Seriously tho, sorry for this Blue, but everyone has first time.

It wasn’t that bad. We saved someones life!


We let someone get away. It does nothing for me.


Actually your percentage is exactly 80% rn.


Anyway yeah

Schleep time



does that mean it goes up?


It already went up by 5%



alright we’re recovering it


So more or sno more?


No more



Well more days, so we can get Celeste back in


That is true

there’s so many speed

we need our int/fire shooter back


I mean

I can show mild anger at a brisk walking pace

Is that not enough?


Hey I have high bang bang gun gun shoot shoot boi boi


I’m as fast as a turtle stapled to a tree

Don’t worry fam, that’s real enlightenment


Next day starting tomorrow, rip


I have the strength of a thousand tides!

…Hang on, no, that’s just the water in my sink.


I have the strength of a whole tiny drop from the ocean!