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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


We are cooking up something else for a prisoner, don’t mind us.


Is it pepper spray?


Unless a backup can bring some chicken breast, since we are out of them, we will be fine.


Might be lead :slight_smile:


Chicken Breast?


Chicken breast.


Where am I supposed to get chicken breast from?


I can’t exactly go to the supermarket in this game


Nowhere. It’s a choice event and I let Blue do it, cause I know exactly wich option had what consequences.


Oh okay


Blue technicly chosen the worst option wich results in game with civilian death, but it shouldn’t be deadly to us.


You need speedy boi with the breast.


I mean, game is one thing and what Mole does is other.


Just saying, eevee had the option to choose the “right option” quote unquote but preferred to put me on the spot instead.



I spent so many days fixing my record


I’m letting you to gain the experience!


Cause y’know, throw the newbie with weak stats and zero knowledge of the game under the bus


Being honest if Eevee chose he would probably choose the option that ends up with everyone dead


True that tbh


Just saying, if this went wrong, don’t pin this on me. Pin it on the one who could’ve told me which one was right but elected not to.