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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)




Can’t risk that mate


We’re under the duress that in this, Unseen != bad


Basically on the day of the Unseen protest

I got a bribe from city hall that if I used violence as they asked they would paint Noz as the Unseen scapegoat or something but then I used no violence


So Eevee doesn’t work well with Light and Noz


So… I’m unseen cop, unseen are evils?

Man my wincon doesn’t like that


“lets make Kai the fall guy!”
“lets give Kai a medal”

city hall more bipolar than me smh


No, unseen are NOT evils. They’re just minorities.




basically what happened


that’s why if I used violence

you would’ve testified against me


and therefore have solved Eevee’s limits meaning you can’t juke me anymore


Check out what != means as a symbol.



Oh I’m dumb


Nvm then


You miss one thing.

Am I minority or majority sympathizer?





Well I’ll figure that out eventually


Best test would be to have you go out alone with Noz and see what happens

but I can’t risk that yet


Also Eevee, do you need back up or what?