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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


I’ll send Eevee with Blue

let’s see how you two are


I mean… prison is out of cop jurisdiction.


He’s only an elderly prisoner

I don’t expect him to put up that much of a fight when confronted, not for lack of trying


Shh, we’re FBI SWAT disguised as cops. Don’t blow our cover


If they aren’t good together than that’s the lowest stats ever


You don’t even know how close you are to truth @Lightsin


I don’t know if Blue is Unseen or Blue Dragon


Don’t worry, I hired a maid


Sheesh, Livi found out what is really dictating my stats, I’m not gonna be paid for that info D:


I think Mafia counts as Unseen
While cult counts as BD

We’re Neuts, since we help decide who wins gang war


Um, does it say which?


Unseen ARE NOT mafia.



Eevee and Blue are on route


We are totally the NK, don’t let them either of them win




inb4 dies on first job


I paid attention to the detective cases

there was a couple about Blue Dragon Supremacist

and an Unseen Protest

so I’m assuming Blue Dragon = White
Unseen = Black


And Eevee’s background is a racist cop


^ that


Meaning Light is an Unseen Cop, as well as Noz


Okay Eevee you’re fine to go with Poke