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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)



if he can work with blue then sure






I see


Eevee, you can be the backup speed boi


Or speed boi 2.0


I’ll be uh

Coffee dispenser?


Speed boi lite



medium paced boi


From what I see, your speed is atleast a 3 so you can join Eevee if you want

Just dont skip leg day


Poke has mad bars confirmed


500+ ping

Welcome to speed boi life


… that is slowing me down by half D:


i never skip my eye and iq tests


Team is on route

Robbery Report
Offender Caught, Officers unharmed

Everyone is back

Emergency Call Assault with a deadly weapon
Prince’s Jail Cells
An elderly Prisoner, tired of the food served in prison, has broken into the kitchen armed with a shiv. He has taken one of the cooks hostage, and is currently force feeding them mash potato yelling, “How do you like it?”




How bout we send bliz and Blue/Eevee and blue?


That sounds like me… shiv, not a gun.




isn’t that technicallyt under our control?


Damn that Prisoner has an interesting way of treating his hostages


Free food, I guess