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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)




Hmm, is this what trainees have to go through?



Emergency Call Robbery
City Centre
A Valet of a parking garage reports a woman getting out of an expensive car and being threatened by a man in a hood, before he made off with her handbag.


I told you I’m joking about 20 being single stat max, lol.


Le sigh, send me in.


Is that a call for the speedy bois?


Speed bois are better!


I’ve got speed and intimidation as my highest

They’re not high sure, but if you’re gonna send me on anything, this is a start


The speedy Bois are ready for this.


Can I join speed bois? :’)


Well 4 of you have near high speed


I’ll have to divide the speed boys in 2


I mean, you lose your speed working with Light tho



I’m sending in Poke and Light for this


I can still be part of community, right? :’)


You can push me with one of the speedy boys and make them lead to keep me safe


And then I assume Blue doens’t decrease your stats, Eevee


Or y’know, that


Light discuss Can Eevee join us? He doesn’t have max speed working with us



@BlueStorm are you black skin or white skin?