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Police Strategy Game (Full, but onlookers welcomed)


So, I thought I’d try something complexish.

Basically, I want to set up a game where one player is the Police chief and 4-5 other players are ‘cops’. Each Cop will count as two as they have a partner with them.

Each day, Citizens of Adiart will call in emergency calls, and those at the station (IE: not already responding to a call) can debate who and what is sent. The Chief has the final say. The day will proceed in 30min increments unless there are no calls on standby.

I will keep secret what the win conditions are, but I can inform you about the chief’s lose conditions:-

  • All Cops are dead.
  • Chief is killed by the Mafia
  • Chief is impeached for corruption
  • Having a ‘Criminals caught’ average below 80% for a prolonged period of time.

When responding to calls, the chief needs to pay close attention to who is calling in and the details about the call. Some might need a heavier response than others - some may be false alarms. Sending too few cops to a dangerous situation can get them killed. Sending cops to false alarms can waste time. It takes cops 30mins to arrive at a call, 30mins to resolve it, and 30mins to return to the station.

The chief can choose to send out the ‘SWAT’ unit on any call. However, to begin with, thy can only be sent to one call a day. The SWAT team will reduce to risk of cops being killed, and reduce to risk of Offenders escaping.

Cop specific

Each cop, at the start of the game, will be randomly assigned attributes in 5 categories:-

  • Intimidation - How likely offenders will surrender when ordered to
    Firearms - How good the officer is at using firearms
    Strength - How strong an officer is in a fight
    Perception - How accurately you detect the risks of a situation. Might have other effects too
    Speed - How likely you are to catch someone attempting to flee

Just like a FM rolecard, you can’t reveal your abilities to anyone. You can choose to improve any attribute/s by 2 points before the game starts. If you keep a high ‘successful’ mission/failed missions you will upgrade your abilities.

If the chief ends multiple players to an incident, they need to choose which player will be in charge. Upon arrival, Perception will be checked. The lead cop will be informed if (according to the check) there are enough resources to complete the operation. Regardless of this check, they can ask the chief to send additional players.

Once that is decided, the mission begins. The lead cop might be asked ‘situation arising’ questions - make bad choices, and things might not go well.

Upon conclusion, the mission will be judged on the following criteria.

  • Offender/s caught - Did you catch/stop the bad guys?
  • Civilans killed/unharmed - Did any innocents die that could have been avoided?
  • Officers killed/unharmed - Did any Officers die?

Only if all 3 criteria are met is the mission considered successful

Each Cop will have secret, private win cons of there own…


One Player will need to play this role. It will be a low activity role as you will solve cases spanning many in game days. From time to time, crimes will occur and the suspect will be long gone before police can react. That’s where you step in. You will have two attributes:-

  • Problem solving - How likely you are to discover the correct solution
  • Theorist - How many ideas you think up. The more ideas you think of, the faster you can solve the crime… assuming you are on the right track.

During the investigation, there may be multiple suspects in the occasion that you aren’t investigating a specific person. You will need to name the correct person to solve the crime - otherwise regardless of your abilities, you will never solve it.

Once you solve the crime, you will have 24 hours to locate the suspect or they will escape. You will need to be sent to the correct location by the Chief and one Cop player to arrest the suspect/s. The Suspect can escape if the Cops are bad/not supported by SWAT.

Ongoing cases can be archived indefinitely once you spend a day investigating them. If you are not assigned to an ‘arising case’ the day it arises, you cannot investigate it ever.

Chief specific

As Chief, you need to make sure the bad guys are caught, and your cops come back alive. But there are other concerns too.

City Hall will ask you to perform tasks. These are optional, but failure to send cops when asked can mean you are fired faster if your success rate drops and your requests are denied. Every 5 days, you may request one of the following from City Hall.

  • Request more cops. (Dependent on if any players are loitering… if anyone died. You can ‘respawn them’ with this option)
  • Request improvement to the SWAT team.
  • Request a Salary increase.
    As well as refusing to obey City Hall requests, Civilian deaths upset them too.

You will also have to deal with the Mafia. Sometimes, they will ask you to send Cops to help out some of their business ventures… other times, they might ask you to ignore certain crimes. Again, these are optional, but refusing to help might be your demise… although helping can have it’s own punishment.

Finally, Private citizens will ask for favours - and may offer rewards if you help them out.

Please only ask to be Chief if you are active

Any interest?


  1. Livi CHIEF
    2 Light COP
    3 Marg COP
    4 Blizer COP
    5 Gamer COP
    (6) Twil DETECTIVE
    (7) Kai COP
    (8) Eevee COP
    (9) Blue COP

Job performance

Cases closed - 37/46
Job Security - 50%

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

Day 9


I have a couple of questions:

  • How many tasks there would be until end of the game?
  • What will happen if Cop won’t be able to accept any task due to timezones etc?
  • Are Mafia related events are going to happen consistently and also can you get rid of Mafia at some point?

  1. There will be lots of tasks, but the game will end when the chief meets their victory condition… or loses.
  2. I will wait for an assigned cop to be available.
  3. It depends on how many players I get.


This is quite interesting.

I’ll have to take you up on your offer, Mole.

Consider me /in.


Do you want to be considered for Chief or not?


Wait you’re not randomly rolling for the Chief?


I will of those who want to be


I guess sure?

I have class in 30 minutes and then for the rest of the weekend it’s only finals prep time so I can be on my cpu


I’ll spectate this


Rather you played this but OK :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in two games atm. That’s my maximum allowance for school reasons.

and no. SFoL 41 has barely any time constraints associated with it


So is this a turbo or no…?




The calls are 30 mins each, no?
Its like a prolonged turbo

You could miss multiple calls by the time you come back

So would I have to be active as in turbo active or just FM/FoL Active


Time pauses until choices are made


I’ll do a /join as a normal cop

I’ll be able to hop on in about 2 hours, so I’m hoping it doesn’t start too soon


/join as Mafia

Errr I meant /join as normal cop


Whats the max for an attribute btw


Best roll value is 6


Inb4 someone rolls all 1’s