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Pokemon Showdown Casual League Week three


:thinking: @Nerbins @Marluxion @eevee @orangeandblack5 @Sam17z Interested in my next tournament?



I’d like it to be OU though


Rip your dreams :smiley:


My team was built on OU not anything goes idk how i won



This was hilarious

Set it to “slow” before you play it so you can read what we were saying to each other


I thought “moody” wasn’t allowed.




It’s a joke.
The guy was being moody.


I figured but it was just such a flat joke I assumed you meant something else :stuck_out_tongue:


Ornjo please.
Pity the official showdown and forum Glass Joe.
At least understand my jokes.


I can settle it in Smash in a few days if you’d like :wink:


But I’m the Glass Joe of that too ;~; JK I’m actually somewhat good at that
Also I don’t have Switch Online so…


Neither do I lol

I’ll probably pick up one month and then hope to get a year for Christmas