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Pokemon Showdown Casual League Week three






Challenge me please.




I’m orangeandblack5


You are?



My favorite part was when I baited orange to toxic me.


I wasn’t challenged.
Game name’s CaptainNerbins.



FEAST your eyes on the BEAST


@moleland check this out. Slaughter house imo. Game 2. Game 1 was even


I won!


Yeah I forgot about contrary and then didn’t expect the 1 HP hang-on


gg Sam I always knew you’d destroy me lel

First game only went so well because the Red Card offed your Serperior

Hate that thing


Good game dunno why you did spikes + poison spikes in game 1 imo you would have won if you didnt do that. Either do it early game or dont do it. It is not worth 2 turns late game


What if I told you that Greninja was set up purely as a spike setter from before :thinking:


So why didn’t you do it?


I forgot :thinking:


Also starting Mamoswine went REALLY well