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Pokemon Showdown Casual League Week three


Week 5

Eevee’s eevees Vs Stunning Suicunes (@Eevee @Sam17z)

Moleland Mudkipz Vs Chomping Charizards (@orangeandblack5)

Marluxion Munchlaxes Vs Dipshit Dittos (@Marluxion @Nerbins)

Gambling Garchomps Vs Vivillion Visionaries (@Whammerist @Celeste_Ludenberg)


Can you post standings?


Can you not read the OP?


Why do Marl and I have only 5 games played?


You mean Wham and you? Because Everyone else played two games when Noz and htm were removed - but you two had played one of them, so you only got one


How is that fair? I should be beating you? Give me another round in between


I will, but I’m like trying to figure out who you can play lel. It’ll even itself out.


@orangeandblack5 now?


@Everyone and @orangeandblack5 now?


Fuck it I hate myself anyways let’s go


@Moleland I’m orangeandblack5 challenge me


I will :smiley:


Horn drill metronome is his weakness, Mole.



Charizard is absurdly tanky even with zero investment in SpD or HP


Marl found that out last week


So it seems :blink:


I hate the Charizard



Didn’t even get to use him G2