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Pokemon Showdown Casual League Week three


@orangeandblack5 ready now if you are
i’m online on showdown and username is Marluxion


Yep be right there


First round goes to Marl 4-0


@Marluxion where’d you go


@Moleland can you only swap one member or can you swap freely from your sideboard?


Second round orange goes 4-0


On to round 3


Forgot the other links sorry


gg @Marluxion




That final game was tasty - Charizard did some work


I’ll give the remaining fixtures about 12 hours before I force a result.


If I could beat a Marl 2-0 then I cold beat Orange!


Please give me around another 3 or 4 hours. I hardly had any time this week.


The fucking flinch killed me



Also somehow Tapu Koko can one shot mega mawile but not a cherryzard


Celeste, I’ll be ready to play in about an hour.


Oh yeah how tf did that one happen lol


Are you ready?


Gonna call time - Celeste and Whamm both auto lose the fixtures. If Celeste or whamm fail to complete another fixture they will be thrown out.