Pokémon - Roleplay Thread

The Sun rose over the waves to the West, turning the sky pink. In front of the Sun, so far it looked like it was on the tipping point of the Worlds End, but only a couple days by Ferry, you could see land, not an Isle like Silver Sea, but a coast, known as the Kanto Region. The Ferry could be seen cutting through the water to it.
To the other side of the Isle, where the Sun set every evening, there was a small town with villagers who spent most of their time trying to save up money to move away. There was a school, a Pokémon Training School, no less, which was opening for business the following day. For although the Isle was lacking in many ways, they had a wide variety of Pokémon, particularly Water types.
To the South were some inhospitable wilderness, where some wild Pokémon lived. They said that if you could somehow find your way through, the sea on the other side was sweet and extended one’s life the longer they drank it. Not one person alive today had gotten through the wilderness.
To the North were harsh Caves, where Rock and Fire Type Pokémon dwell.
*The date was Sunday, the thirty-first of January. It was raining heavily outside.

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Calandar -

January 31st, Sunday

Morning - Raining Heavily
Noon - Cloudy
Evening - Sunny

February 1st, Monday

Morning - Sunny


The Roleplay begins at 2019-09-04T00:00:00Z. Do not post before that.
All players live in the Village, to the Eastern side of the Isle.


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Sammy opened his eyes. Last day of holidays, he remembered, before groaning. His hand fell over the side of the bed, and he felt fur. He stroked his Eevee for a minute before getting up.

Manthis, was up already because her Pancham woke up her early. She was running around her house getting ready for the day.

  • Sammy’s room was messy, like most teenage boys. The rain could be heard hitting the wall outside,
  • Manthis pulled out her clothes for the day, as her Pancham ran over to her leg and climbed up it onto her shoulder. A note fell loose from the crumpled jacket. It was the application form for the Silver Sea Training School, opening tomorrow.

Mathis kneeled down and picked up the note. She opened up and looked at the note. She thought to herself, “it is finally happening tomorrow”.

Sammy frowned. “It’s always worse in daylight,” he muttered as he grabbed a change of clothes.

  • The Training School was revolutionary. Considering how previously the small Isle was full of Pokémon, but now students could be taught by a professional.
    The Pancham tugged at Manthis’s hair, wanting to go outside, despite the rain.
  • As Sammy got the clothes, his Eevee got up and walked out of the room. The application form fell out from the bundle of clothes.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go outside” Manthis said to her Pancham. She started walking towards the door with Pancham on her shoulders

  • Most of the Villagers had been forced indoors by cruel weather, but there were a few people. Manthis saw a boy with a Squirtle happily trotting after him.

Manthis quickly ran towards him. “Heeeey!!!” She shouted at him. While running, she tripped over a small rock going face first into a puddle

Sammy left his Eevee indoors and went outside after reading the form. He was hungry.

  • “Whoa!” The boy exclaimed as he helped Manthis up. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to Manthis. “To wipe off the mud,” he explained. “I’m James,” he introduced himself.
  • The community kitchen was open.

“Oh…thanks. I’m Jessi…I mean, Manthis. I’m Manthis. I don’t know what happened there.” Manthis says while getting up. Mathis cleaned some mud off. Then she picked up Pancham and put him back on her shoulder.

  • “You tripped,” James said helpfully. “Over that rock.”

Sammy walked into the Community kitchen and grabbed some peaches. He bit into one as he took a seat, glad for shelter from the rain.

“Thanks for pointing out the obvious”, Manthis said laughingly. She hands the handkerchief back. “Are you going to the Silver Sea training school tomorrow?” She asked James.

  • “Oh yeah, definitely,” he grinned. He was wearing a zipped gray jacket and jeans, and his golden hair was wet and flat. “Are you?”

“Of course. Is that your Squirtle?” she askes while she reaches for him.