Pokémon Roleplay [Interest Check]


In the quiet of Silver Sea Isle, somewhere to the East of the Kanto Region, a school for aspiring Pokémon trainers has opened up for those living in that remote area.

If this receives enough attention i’ll post the CS thread tomorrow
Look here if you want to check something
If you want to ask questions privately, contact either @James (my cohost) or myself.

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You forgot to mention

Each player will get one (1) permanent Pokémon. This cannot be changed. So choose carefully!


This was put together 90% 60% Magnus and 40% James.

does it matter that I don’t know almost anything about Pokémon

It probably won’t matter too much — i’ll be using links for Pokémon at least — but you should probably look at at the wiki atleast a little.

I know very little too, but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret

  • I’m definitely intrigued (showing interest)
  • ignore this

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Can I pick the strongest Pokémon magikarp

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Magikarp too OP pls nerf. It’s an unfair advantage, I have to say no.

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Can I show interest?

Priestess edited it :eyes:

(Gtg, bbl)

so for our starter:
can multiple instances of the actual start pokemon be chosen?
presumeably, no legendaries, no mystic, nothing etc.?
the pokemon we choose has to be at the beginning of its evolutionary line?

maybe like 65% interested

not extremely into pokemon but i might have fun just doing stuff here and there, messing around maybe or whatever

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Yeah, just transfered it in the right category :wink:

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Preferably not.
It doesn’t have to be right at the start, but can’t be fully evolved

5 (including maxi) peeps showing interest. Post the CS thread.

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Thanks Messiah Psyduck.

/Gains a mega headache


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