{Poem/FanFic} Resignation {Preview}

I who have received the blessing of the God,
I who hear the words of God,
I who bestows onto the people the faith of God
Preach, and listen…
Comparting onto the common masses
the words of wisdom became my pledge.

I, who had seen the Benevolence of my Lord
Convinced: he was the one to quell the lands
Of Unrest, Peace brought onto the Realms
Pride, in a hero he was. Revered by all, I administered the ceremony.
In the name of God, I declare thee…

Witness the Birth of Son and Daughters,
Royalty they were, proud they were
The voice of God, guided us,
To a bright future, a life born in my hands.

And yet men eventually grow weary;
For the God’s help, I thank the heavens.
Thus, I pledge myself to one last task.

An Impossible One.
Resigning, is my fate.

Forgive me.

Story will be written quite soon, in another post in this genre.
Can anyone guess what class this is talking about?

EDIT: Changed last stanza, “I’m sorry” to “Forgive me.”




Priest. The resignation is because it’s been removed.

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Good piece!

I enjoy your choice of words and the underlying current of righteousness mixed with pride in the verses. Especially that verse about wariness and last task it hits me just right.

If there’s anything I feel a bit incomplete, the punch of regret of the last sentence “I’m sorry.” doesn’t feel strong enough. The resignation isn’t on the same level as the piety shown on the other verses.

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I don’t feel satisfied with that last verse as well, was looking at an apology after all, but which word to use but sorry?

Could tweak it to be “Sorry, my dear” but… I dunno that mystery of the next action could be broken.

How about

Forgive me,
My Lord.

Forgive me is a really strong word choice.
But… I’ll omit out the person in question.

Who knows who the apology is for?


Now I want to write a lore too

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