PM1 - All Any Extreme

PM1 - All Any Extreme

Normal Site Rules Apply.
After 24 hours of inactivity, you will be prodded. Failure to answer in the following 24 hours is a replacement. If I do not find a suitable replacement in another 24 hours, the slot is modkilled.

Game Setup:
Player Amount - 17+ Players
A game using Pro Mafia Rolecards and this condition: At the beginning of the game people will get 3 roles to choose from and at least 1 role will be a Town role.
As such Citizen/Vanilla Townie don’t exist in this format.

Some of the “Testing Roles are also available to role.” If you have questions about what some of the “Testing Roles” do just ask.

Factions in Play: Town, Mafia, Neutral, Alien, Coven and Vampire.

I’m interested.

You should put this on the queue first though.

How do I do that?

Submit it here:

Go to the queue and submit thread and reply with all of the following information filled out (your game type is SFM, I think)

Game Name:
Main Host:
Game Size:
Game Speed:
Game Type:

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