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Phys Possessed through Self Care


What happened?

Was Phys. Used SC, got possessed. Said I didn’t heal because of classes not in the game.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I would heal and not die

Steps to reproduce:

Jump into a SC’ing Physician


If Possess penetrates heals, we need updates on that in the game if that’s what happened.



That’s not what it says in game.

I literally does not say that anywhere in game.


Pretty sure possess says it bypasses healing


Pretty sure I’m looking at the screen and it doesn’t.

Neither does the info text when you die to it with SC up. It lists: Court Wizard, Enforcer, Inquisitor and Reaper for reasons you didn’t heal.


screenshot the classcard with the ability description for possess for me please. Use sniping tool on windows or just screenshot and upload if you’re on apple


Now possessor should be on this list correct. That is something that would need to be changed


I mean I’m fine if that’s the rule, but it needs to like… be in the rules.


Ah, the classcard needs updating. I’m sure it is mentioned in the patchnotes that possess bypasses healing and most regular TOL players are aware of that, thanks for bringing that to attention.


It’s been that way since this patch I believe, and is thus not a bug.
However, I agree that it should be put in the class card for clarity’s sake.


It used to be in the class card. It isn’t any longer. I thought that was because it was reverted.


Necroposting reee