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Persona Q 2 Overload


Give me Adachi as a playable party member

It’s all i ask


(Akechi’s better though)




Btw, I’m gonna start playing P4 on an emulator, so I’ll see if I like Adachi (Pancake Boi is still better)


@PoisonedSquid read the description


I already know about that and I’m so flipping excited


The pancakes are canon


Guess who starting out P4?


In other news

Why is Shinjiro and Goro hecking pre-order bonuses for Dancing Star Night and Dancing Moon Night?

Major Persona 3 and 5 Spoilers

Is it because they’re Dead?

like wtf
just make them part of the normal roster you wierdos


Ew get rid of the spoilers

Not worth it


Holy shit


98% of people can’t tell the difference, can you???



What the fuck are these anime ass dinosaurs


I can’t tell if they’re friendly and pitiful or fucking horrifying monstrosities


My reaction to seeing this:


Is he t-posing?


No, it’s a Jurassic World meme


Persona 1 is getting re-released wtf


Again? :thinking:


It’s about time