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Persona Q 2 Overload


Game Announced: August 2nd, 2017

And then for a year we heard literally nothing, except for answering questions with “we’re working on it”.

And so we waited.

Teaser Drops: August 4th, 2018

Holy crap guys we got a first look—

First PV Drops: August 5th, 2018

And we’re off to the races!

Can’t wait for this game, super excited to see it’ll be releasing in Japan later this year. Hopefully it’s out here in time for my birthday, but barring that I know what I’ll be doing next summer!






PQ is one of my favorite 3ds games
Persona 5 is my hands down favorite Ps4 game



The OST was killer too


wait shit
this means i need to buy a new stylus so mapping isnt trash


I relate to all of this

Bravely Default is still the best 3DS game imo, but Persona Q is probably my second favorite.

All of the Persona games have kick-ass soundtracks.

I bought a PlayStation 4 for Persona 5. I’ll buy God of War next, but right now I only own P5, Valkyria Chronicles, and Rainbow Six Siege.

And yep I’m gonna need to figure out a stylus situation, as my old one is gone lol


Bravely Second > Default imo


I related to Yew a lot more than BDTiz tbh


I have not finished Second yet (currently playing it, on Chapter 4), but I have to say that it’s solid too. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve completed it, as the last chapters were one of the biggest marks against BD, so I’m hopeful this one will stand higher despite some new flaws.

Really miss Revo on the soundtrack though - Ryo is doing a pretty good job, but the first game had one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, so it’ll be hard to live up to.


Okay I just got to Chapter 4 and the fact that the New Game+ mode is literally how you have to progress the story is amazing

Like that’s some Undertale/DDLC-type mind-bending game design right there


It’s great


just watched the pv

so like

are the p3protagonists going to interact
if so
if not


also final boss is

a bowl of gravy
top 10 anime betrayals




This trailer has so much omg

Every character, plus in the background you can see details about how battles work and how fusions will work

For example, FOEs are back, unsurprisingly


Oh shit

All of the spell types from P5 are back

I wonder which P3/P4 characters are getting theirs changed

Plus the party select menu no longer shows any indication of slash/pierce/bash making a return

So that’ll be interesting - did they do away with multiple physical types entirely, or does everybody get a gun, or do people with ranged weapons just do gun damage now?


My question has been answered

Shinjiro has Psy moves

Although I suppose there’s a chance that could just be his second persona - it looks like that much is back


tfw we get to see chibi Kamoshida for some reason



It’s Superman Kamoshida


Honestly kinda scared that PQ1 was so unreasonably good that PQ2 may not live up to the hype

Still, I have yet to be let down, so