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Persona build |


Note: I may use this system later to design persona builds in certain rp/fms.

Name - Choose your character name.
Species - Decide your character’s species, whether human, orc, werewolf, or whatever.
Strengths - What is your character good at, in particular.
Weaknesses - What is your character bad at? Remember, to make An interesting character they should have mental or psychological weaknesses as well as physical.
Personality - What are they like? are they a rogue show off? A dynamically interesting one? This can Be important.
Description - What can you tell by looking at them? Are they wearing ragged clothing? A leather jacket? Keep your species in mind.
Anything else - Anything you feel must be said.


This is for the secret project right


Err. Not really. I haven’t talked to Simon about it.


Name - Samuel Blackthorn.
Species - Human.
Strengths - He is an agile person, as agile as an elf, with the intelligence of a Dwarf. He knows how to wield weapons, studying them for years.
Weaknesses - He isn’t very strong, and tires easily. He is sick, relying on a poison to survive, and that’s saps his strength.
Personality - He is pretty moderate, hiding his emotions like a shell. However, he feels like no one would like him if they knew the truth, and that scares him.
Description - He wears a black jacket and jeans, always looking brand new. He has dark hair that falls into his eyes, silver eyes. He has pale skin.


Persona? :eyes:


LoOkInG cOoL jOkEr