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Perma banned from Steam Forums for trolling... Apparently


This is my entire steam forum post history. I’ve only ever posted on the TOL forums once.


The holiday packs were fixed btw :slight_smile:


Soooo… fav class?


Uhhhhh Either Inquisitor or Mystic



Someone who likes Mystic can’t be that bad.


Guys I’m sheriff. He’s NS


Ha lol.

Also to orangeandblack I just learned that earlier today and finally redeemed it.



Hello! I believe you were mistaken for someone else trolling the steam discussions. You’ve been unbanned and should be able to post like normal.

If you’d like, you can DM me your Throne of Lies in-game name and i’ll grant you some GP to make up for the mistaken ban.


Can you guys not reply to support posts? Please.