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People underestimate knight


Knight is a very good class. He can Kill every cult member. Can Kill all the unseen except MM. He can CS fools who are just driving you crazy. Had a game where I killed 3 evils as knight. People also underestimate his Unseen form to where he can get a kill NO MATTER WHAT with frenzy. People should not hang every knight claim on sight.

And it is so sad to see a knight claim get executed, Only to find out that he was actually knight.

Edit: I also killed a fool


The reason why Knight gets frequently lynched is that it is an easy fakeclaim and there are few fakeclaims avaliable for evils.


The funny thing is. Knight is rarely faked for that very reason.


This is why the Willowhisp change in the upcoming 1.1.0 patch is good. Evils need more fakeclaim options.

I completely agree that Knight is an unappreciated class. Unlike most classes, Knight is best late game. Knights are really strong! Unfortunately, due to “lul 2018” and lack of claimspace for Evils, they rarely make it very far.


my takes on fakes claims… you’ll see why

Easy – super easy to fake. and easy to executed

Hard— easily disproved in multiple situations

Very Hard - you don’t claim theses classes as evil. only hunter could claim psychic for exemple and without the cooperation of the real one… it can go bad

but since there are always nearly. 2 sheriffs/ paladin or 2 phys, you can remove those claims from the easy claims, which leave you with, knight, Cw. … that’s not much


ummm… No?

Move Princess up one. Princess is now easy with the wisp change.


As Hunter you want to get attacked. so if the psychic use a telepathy to out herself as you,… feel the possessor coming, and actually. i got a possessor coming after me, after saying I linked a Cw claim. of course, it was a trap.

with the new patch coming, princess and butler will move up. And mystic will easier to claim, in the sens that it will remain hard, but impossible.

I still haven,t placed Hunter… but I would place it on hard. easy to write a fake log, but if people ask you to wolf, or if there another hunter,. bye you.

and Yeah, the Knight and Cw are really good classes. people who leave with thoses classes should ashamed.


I agree on the knight. Disagree on court wizard


CW is strong. However he’s also boring. The Knight is fun when you are playing him right. CW is not.


Knight is a good class.

It is always sad to see how people always kill it because it’s an easy fake claim.


Serious question: Can you explain to me why CW is a strong class?


How about you explain how it’s boring first?


Compared to the dynamic feeling of the other classes, CW:

  • Very unreliable abilities - Tornado difficult not to cause self-harming chaos to BD, yet must use this to prove you’re really a CW.
  • Unseen/Cult will only convert every other night, so Barrier is almost useless half the time anyway.
  • Barrier’s other problem: There are very few negative effects that would be worth barriering, since Unseen will have at most only one converted class (such as Alcoholic) that would actually intentionally harm BD. The rest of the time, you’re screwing up BD results.
  • It’s very difficult to predict who will be converted, and unlike the Paladin, the CW’s payoff for blocking it is not high.


Update: Hunter is now easy fake claiming difficulty


Only for assassins/cl

not NK


wait nuke

If you mark prince who kills X does it kill prince?


Proper English pls OwO


that’s English
or is now


Understandable, have a nice day.


No. Both because you get prevented (cuz the second target is in jail) and because execute doesn’t have a target