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Peasant [Suggestion]



You’re Joking, right? (Passive) - You are unable to step up for king.
Pleasant Joke (day ability) - If a trial to determine the next king is taking place, you can Anonymously vote someone a second time (1 use).
Poor (night ability) - Consume a dollar to become death immune to night. (Infinite Uses).
Thief (night ability) - Steal a dollar from someone tonight. If your target is attacked, you will also die (Infinite Uses).
Goal - Have $5 by the time you die.




Yeah. You eat it and they have no reason to kill you.


That’s a joke, guys.


Wincon is lowkey interesting.


So you live for 5 days minimum to win.


Isn’t this like a current class in TOL?


Alch is terrible design though since neutral doctor / vigilante


I never saw this thread


I have come here to make jokes and review classes while crying about life… and I’m all out of jokes

Let me guess, they play console?

Name fits my reaction to this

So Noble Twin, but for elections? Cool, but why is it on here?

A. At night
B. So like mercenary basically?

So… why the death if target are attacked? It’s not like Knight is coming for that Surv claim anyway

US dollars in medieval era? wat

Ok but surv wincon. Not my favorite but oh well

Anyway for short, this is basically a worse merc

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Aussie for me.


Any surv wincon that isn’t just ‘survive’ is alright.
Not good but

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Geyde are you being sarcastic


Btw, Minho is a friend of mine. She’s cool.


I’m bashing Alch.




Alch doesn’t need to get bashed though

It already gets bashed enough by princes and spicy frenzy bois

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It deserves everything it gets because my father was killed by an alch bomb


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Alch is neutral healer, right?


Neutral Survivor Healer + 2-shot Attack

Extremely bulky and hard for scum to deal with while also being decently important to keep around for BD