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Peace Keeper is back! [Class Suggestion] but simple


The PK is back but simpler… since we are trying to make TOL simpler i wanted to bring back one of my old classes but make it fit into TOL as it is now

Peace Keeper

Faction - Neutral
Class - Support

Lore: As this silly war grew, the peace keeper felt sick. After losing his son because of the war he decides to only trust them who are Neutral in the war. Maybe they could help end this… or if all else fails the NK could get rid of them all.

Passive 1:
Little hope (Passive) - You will know all players who are neutral. If all neutral players are dead than you will know which player is the NK

Passive 2
Grim Determination (Passive) - You are immune to occupation, redirection and target changing. You are aslo death immune once

Day Ability 1:
Darkened room - Make a Neutral appear as a BD class of your choice _(2 uses)

Night ability 1:
Helping Hand - select a player, if that player is a neutral than they will be occupation and redirect immune for the night. If they are not a neutral than you will occupy them for the night
(Unlimited uses)

Night ability 2:
Corrupted crimson potion - select a player, if they are neutral than you will heal them for the night. If they are not a neutral than they will believed they are attacked and healed _(3 uses)

Win condition - live long enough to help a neutral player or NK achieve their goal. they achieve this by winning as their class

merc = getting bridles
SS = having BD defeated
and so on

This class will help the neuts increase their win rate along with the NK a bit without being to overpowered

What about game throwing??
Why cant i just throw 1 neut under the bus to help out another neutral? Well for every neut you help achieve their goal after you already win will give you an extra 30 gold.

Below is my original class of PK, in this one the PK has to find a Neutral player than help them acheive their goal. Go check it out


no…No… NO!


whew sorry that word triggers my ptsd


Sorry to hear about your ptsd… but how’s the Peace Keeper class above


Any class that relies on another players success is inherently frustrating and poorly designed

The win condition can’t work


Isn’t that literally BD/Unseen/Cult factions too though? :thinking:


I agree. For example say the butler relys on the Sheriff or any other invest classes to find unseen. This class doesn’t rely on 1 but 3 other people. Since you know who two of them are from the start it should be pretty balanced


So to sum it up yes this win con can work


Aka Sellsword needs evils help.

Class is pretty good BTW might be a bit too easy depending on the neuts that are in the game.

Also I feel like it should get a extra 30 gold for helping the other Neutral out 10 gold isn’t a massive insetive to help another neut out


Love the idea of 30 gold! Good catch


Yeah it’s just that if the peace keeper wins early due to fool, Merc, inq or scorned winning early then the game will be in turn easier for the peace keeper, Merc gets 10+. For each brilder which is more easier to do then help another neut win

Also you count as a Neutral so you’d only help two players or nk


Why cant i just throw 1 neut under the bus to help out another neutral? Well for every neut you help achieve their goal after you already win will give you an extra 30 gold.

I don’t think it makes sense to reward game-throwing with gold


I think you misinterpreted this. What I was trying to say is you should try to help every neutral player win and you should do this because you get extra gold for doing so.


Oh you’re right, oops. But I feel the gold incentive is rather awkward because it doesn’t work on players who don’t care as much about gold


That is also true. Than again after a mercenary has won there is no reason for her to Stand Guard anyone or there is no need for her to help out any one faction. The good is just there for an extra like merc can Stand guard people for more gold


So how is this class overall


I like it. I think the win condition needs to be improved though, it seems too easy to win if merely one other neutral wins.

EDIT: Reading it again, it seems if you help a neutral who ends up winning you win with them? Maybe it could be worded better. What specifically counts as helping a neutral?


I take it as if another neutral player wins. No matter what neutral player that is than you will win also. There is pros and cons to this. The pros are you have 3 other neutrals meaning 3 chances to win but the cons are you are relying on other people(which isn’t bad). It’s not bad because just look at the sellsword. That class relys on evil faction and NK. After that he can’t really do much