Patch v2.4c + "Snowcrest" Winter Event Live!

This is an extension of v2.4a+



  • Snowcrest event is live
  • Merc “Shield” charges now go away after successful use
  • Poacher can now speak with Unseen
  • Objective-based classes (eg, Inquisitor, Scorned) will now trigger the popup/win properly
  • Objective-based classes should now see proper feedback in chat when partially-completing objectives
  • Objective popup was unsatisfying and is now styled a bit
  • Fixed some visual vote messages for “yesterday” and “today” mixing up
  • Neutral Killers should now be able to win the way they’re supposed to
  • Pretender no longer stands on her chair in her night room
  • Fixed starting faction colors @ end screen
  • Exhume is no longer cancelable from the parent icon to prevent multi-use exploits (use the “x” at the popup)
  • Noble + Aristocrat are now Royals, once again
  • Timesnatcher’s “Rewind” should now be working properly
  • Fixed multiple Trollbox exploits during Trial that had to do with a lingering popup box
  • Poisoned Wine is now usable at d4+ instead of d2+
  • Both Sorc abilities should be available now during trial
  • Several winning/game over fixes (needs more testing, but should be better than it was).
  • Prevent dupe classes in Winners header text, such as “Alchemist, Alchemist”
  • Send Selection fixes
  • Clarification: King takes arrow if you slam Hunter. This is intended.
  • Probably more fixes that I forgot to write down.

It’s not every fix, yet, but figured smaller patches are better since these fixes are just lingering here!


This was no bug. This was canon.

just wanted to point this one out since it’s easy to miss

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