Patch v2.3.1a : Windows 7 Returns!

Win7 Returns

Thanks to Photon (our 3rd-party realtime game server)'s persistent effort to ensure we got Windows 7 support back, v2.3.1a now brings back Win7!

(We’re still testing v2.4 - Ran into a few snags, but it’s super close - see #test-realm-chat for more info)

*Microsoft January 2020 Deprecation Reminder

Although Windows 7 is now playable again, once Windows 7 is deprecated, we can no longer guarantee support for Windows 7: Microsoft dropping security updates is a big deal - this also means that our 3rd-party issue won’t be the only one that experiences this. Remember Windows XP (RIP)? It’s only a matter of time before Win7 gets left behind in the wind.

We’ll unofficially support it for as long as we possibly can: As long as Throne’s required 3rd-party libraries support Win7, so will we.