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Patch 2.0.2b Patch Notes



  • Removed Little Birds.
  • Added new day ability Little Bird - See all whispers to and from a target for a day. Can target King. 2 uses.




perfect. No complaints




If only Town of Salem had done this at any point within the past few years


What? Listen to the community? lel


Awesome I feel as though this requires more strategy on the mm’s part but still eliminates wkm




I really dislike it, because without claims. it is extremely hard for the king to do his job.


He has allies still, so it isn’t that bad if you think about it.


Yeah, he has ally, he is able to find if someone is a member of the blue dragon or not. Be because the mastermind may or will listen to the king, no one will whisper anything to the king. which make his job very difficult.

You have 15 suspects in front of you and only 5 are evils. your chances of success are 33%. But we must lower this number because some evils will appear as bd members for various reason.