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Paranoia XP (9/9)


Treason by lying is punishment.


The Computer is always right.

Saying not is treason


Yes, friend computer. Also I believe that whammerist is a treasonous mutant communist for not joining you game, o great computer


With what information exactly?



send whatever you want. I’ll most likely know why.


Does it HAVE to be on Discord?


Ehh game takes place on discord so yeah

Sorry to say nerbs

Multiple rooms and stuff


@htm I need your discord account


Just got this notification now for some reason but my discord account is called “NobleHTM”




/join i think


Hey take software 10 pls, for the team


Wasn’t this in another category btw?

Or am I just imagining things :thinking:


i think this used to be in #forum-matches by accident so it was moved to #roleplaying cause that’s what it is



pls check discord lol


did you know that discord is not installed for me right now?
(letting you know, not accusing you)


@htm ding ding ding?

you going to go on discord any time soon?


I am going to need a co host for this game as timezone is absolute shit. DM me if interested. Also @htm do something u fuck