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Paranoia XP (9/9)


Also. I just realised that lul names dont have to make sense unless for some reason the GM requires for his inesteemable purpose.


my first character was

Paul Bla-R-TTT-1

so yeah. you can still easily do joke names.


Nerbins already has a name. How about yours be



mall cop




(the r will change when you go to different sectors. names can be funny for a sector tho)


Ye I know

But hey if we can have funny names for at least a secure it’s probably worth it


Doin U-R-MOM-1

the worst name ever




@whammerist you can join this now if you’d like


uhhh i’m like in a lot of shit rn
if this is a d and d rp pilled type thing drag me on once it gets better established



This looks awesome :slight_smile:


This is an actual board game from like the 90s I think though


Can you or someone else pick Violence: 10 and Hardware: 10 or something I guess lol




Hey Eevee

You wouldn’t mind if your violence/combat stat is maxed out now, would ya?


DM me on discord so I can get started on your character sheet.


U is not a sector.

Lying is punishable by treason


What about ultraviolet


Treason isn’t a punishment btw :3