Overwatch Forum Mafia - Talon wins! - (4/28) - Day 5

It’s finally here!


“The true enemy of humanity is disorder.”

  • If you haven’t posted in 36 hours, you will be prodded for inactivity via a ping. Not responding to a prod will cause you to be replaced.
  • Avoid discussing the game outside the thread while the game is still running.
  • Avoid using larger font sizes.
  • Avoid deleting/editing messages unless it’s a recent one or to correct grammar mistakes.
  • Avoid quoting the mod from your rolecard. This is a modkill-worthy offense.
  • Faking ultimates is allowed and a valid gambit.


“Alright. Gameface: On.”

Each of the Day Phase I, Day Phase II, and the Night Phase will last 24 hours each.
Actions are done by messaging me.
The uninformed majority will be called Overwatch.
The informed minority will be called Talon.
Talon members will talk through a special Discord server
There will be both logs and flips.
There will be three game-specific mechanics in play - Eliminations, Ultimates, and Maps.


“Your death makes me stronger!”

Upon hammering a player of the opposite faction or killing them at night, the hammerer or killer will gain additional bonuses that will benefit their faction depending on their classes. All of the bonuses are listed as the first passive in your class card.


“Ready to go Whole Hog.”

Ultimates are extremely strong abilities that can be used once the player gains a certain amount of Ultimate Charges. They are activated by posting their activation text in the thread, while also quoting or replying to players depending on the Ultimate requirements.

Ultimate Charges can be gained during the end of the Day Phase I, through night action, or just by having casted a vote during either charge phase.

Charge to for each vote gained during Day Phase I - 2800/Players Living, rounded to the lowest multiple of 10.
Charge per vote on lynched player - 40, 200 for hammerer.
Charge per vote on charge phase - 40.
Charge per night - 30.

When used, the number of Ultimate Charges required to activate will be subtracted from the player’s total Ultimate Charges.


“We fought a terrible battle here. Many Crusaders lost their lives.”

In every Day Phase I, there will be a vote to decide the map for the next day/night cycle. Each map will give two additional effects to the mechanic and will also decide the Day Phase II’s lynch mechanic. Before the first day begins, the Talon-aligned players will have a vote to decide which map for the first day/night cycle.

Day Phase I - Maps and Charges

“My will made real.”

You may choose a map for the next day/night cycle and a player, except yourself, to give Ultimate Charges.
The map that will have the most votes will be chosen for the next cycle and cannot be voted again, while each player will receive the total Ultimate Charges they received during the charge phase by the End of Phase. The Ultimate Charges per player scale inversely proportional with the number of living players in the match.

Map List

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar - Strongman effects are disabled for the night.
Base of Operations - The player who gains the most Ultimate Charges will gain an additional bonus 35% charges.

Lynch - EoD Plurality


The Scrapyard - Eliminations will also give 20% of the eliminated player’s Ultimate Charges to the eliminator.
Omnium Scavangers - Night kills will receive a strongman effect.

Lynch - EoD Plurality


LumériCo Ziggurats - All players will gain 15% additional Ultimate Charges during the Charge phase.
Presence of Los Muertos - Night ability charges will not be used during this cycle.

Lynch - EoD Plurality

Route 66

High Noon - All daykills will receive an additional strongman effect.
Deadlock - The player with the second and third largest wagon at the EoD will be roleblocked for the night.

Lynch - EoD Plurality


Venetian Canals - Both the player with the highest and second highest number of players on their wagon will be lynched by the End of Day.
Bartalotti’s Estate - Players with nobody on their wagon at the EoD will gain a bonus 400 Ultimate Charges.

Lynch - EoD Plurality

King’s Row

Uprising - Posting threshold for slank vigilantes are doubled.
Null Sector’s Raid - Talon will gain an additional night kill for the cycle.

Lynch - Majority and Plurality

Blizzard World

For the Horde! - Once a player is lynched the hammerer and the second-to-last vote with both count for the eliminations and both will have their elimination passive activated.
Construct Additional Pylons - The player with the most votes during the Charge Phase will gain double the charges, while all others will gain zero.

Lynch - Majority and Plurality


City of Harmony - All players will be healed during the night.
The Scourge of Numbani - Talon members will gain double the Ultimate Charges for the cycle.

Lynch - Majority and Plurality


Crusader’s Last Stand - Upon being lynched, the lynchee will be granted a dayvig to use during the EoD.
Honor and Justice - The player that gains the most Ultimate Charges in the Charge Phase will become immune to death for the rest of the day.

Lynch - Majority and Plurality


Babylon Hotel - All Talon Members will be night immune for this cycle.
Movie Critics - The player that gains the least Ultimate Charges in the Charge Phase will have three additional votes on their wagon.

Lynch - Majority and Plurality

Volskaya Industries

Svyatogor Mechs - Day abilities will not cost anything in this cycle.
Siberian Omnium - The Talon Member who performs the cycle’s factional kill will gain 1000 Ultimate Charges if they are succesfull.
Lynch - Majority

Temple of Anubis

Helix Security International - Players who have not received any Ultimate Charges will not be able to be visited in this cycle’s night.
Omniscient AI - The hammerer for the day’s lynch will have their Ultimate ability revealed to Talon members.
Lynch - Majority

Horizon Lunar Colony

Hydroponics - Players who use their Ultimate will be refunded 25% of their cost.
Lunar Cycle - The cycle will last 12/12/12 hours instead of the ordinary 24/24/24 hours.
Lynch - Majority


Shimada Castle - Using ultimates will cost 15% more Ultimate Charges during this cycle.
Two Dragons - All non-killing night abilities will fail this cycle if used on a player of the opposing faction.
Lynch - Majority


Shambali Monks - At the start of the day, the dead will vote on a message to send to the living.
The Iris - Eliminated Talon members will be able to speak in Talon chat for the cycle.
Lynch - Trial


MEKA Base - Day abilities will not cost anything, but the user will have to have at least one charge for it to work.
Karaoke Bar - Players can voluntarily choose a post restriction from all posts rhyming, all posts being written in limericks, or all posts being written in Haikus. If they fulfill the PR, they will gain 1200 Ultimate Charges at the EoD.
Lynch - Trial


City of Science - All players will gain 20% additional Ultimate Charges during the entire cycle.
City of Prosperity - The player that gains the most Ultimate Charges during the Charge phase will gain two extra votes for an execution.
Lynch - Trial

Lijiang Tower

Night Market - During the night, each player will gain 100 Ultimate Charges per visitor.
Lucheng Interstellar - The player that gains the most Ultimate Charges will privately select the next map instead of it being hold to a voting.
Lynch - Trial


Aegean Sea - The player that gains the most Ultimate Charges during the Charge phase will privately select three other players to jailkeep tonight.
Hellenistic Ruins - The player that gains the most Ultimate Charges during the Charge phase will be required to Gladiate another player for the day’s lynch.
Lynch - Trial

Chateau Guillard

Deathmatch - Elimination passives will trigger regardless of alignment differences this cycle.
Widow’s Nest - All dayvigs will be silent and night kills will be untrackable.
Lynch - Same as Previous Day


Siamese Temple - Dayvigs will all fail in this cycle.
Nirvana - The charge gain for the top three players in the Charge Phase will be split among themselves.
Lynch - Same as Previous Day

Ecopoint: Antartica

Cryostasis - The player that gains the most Ultimate Charges during the Charge phase can occupy two other players this coming night.
Arctic Storm - The lynched player’s flip will be cleaned.
Lynch - Same as Previous Day

Day Phase II - Lynching and Executions

“It’s hard to just sit around knowing there’s someone out there that needs to be blown up!”

Lynchings will occur during the second day phase. The lynch mechanic will rotate between plurality, majority, plurality along with majority, and FoL-style trials depending on the map chosen the previous day.

For Elimination purposes, the player who last voted for a lynch or execution on the lynched player will be considered the eliminator.

Day abilities and Ultimates shall be only used during the Day Phase II.

Night Phase - Night Action and Feedback

“A moment to enjoy some peace and quiet… probably just a moment, though.”

EFoL-style feedback will be used. Please submit your night actions in your role card to take effect.

Role List

“Those who think they are all-knowing know nothing of what they do not.”

This is a closed setup, ergo there are is not a class list, except everyone gains a role card and its matching flavor. in order for the game to not be flavor-broken, then any hero may be either part of Overwatch or Talon.

Classes in general will usually have a JOAT-like feel but leaning towards one specialization.

There is a fair caveat here that there will be heavy anti-slanking and anti-claiming, including partial claim, mechanics. Hard claim or slank at your own peril.

There are no third parties, no conversions, and no form of bastard mechanics included, but there are mechanics pertaining dead interactions and there may or may not be lost wolves.


“I must rejoin my team.”

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want.


  1. Firekitten - Killed D2 - Doomfist
  2. Bluestorm
  3. Livicus - Killed D1 - Reaper
  4. PoisonedSquid - Lynched D2 - Moira
  5. Insanity - Lynched D3 - Torbjörn
  6. Margaret - Lynched D1 - Mei
  7. Captain
  8. Luxy - Killed D2 - Mercy
  9. ForeverReading2021 - Killed D2 - Widowmaker
  10. Marluxion - Killed D2 - D. Va
  11. Sam17z
  12. Bazingaboy - Killed N3 - Sombra
  13. Icibalus - Killed D3 - Zarya
  14. Shurian - Killed N3 - Tracer
  15. Eevee - Killed N2 - Soldier: 76
  16. Gamerpoke - Killed D3 - Pharah
  17. Hjasik - Killed N2 - Brigitte
  18. MaximusPrime
  19. Mathblade - Killed N1 - Junkrat
  20. Invoker
  21. Marcus_Doodalee - Killed N3 - Bastion
  22. Geyde
  23. Queen_Alfa - Lynched D3 - Hammond
  24. CheeseyKnives - Killed N3 - Orisa
  25. Mercenary - Killed N3 - Lúcio
  26. Psychoneirik - Killed D1 - Reinhardt
  27. Wazza - Killed N1 - Zenyatta
  28. NinjaPenguin - Lynched D3 - Winston


D1 Phase I Begins
D1 Phase II Begins
ForeverReading2021 is Killed!
Psychoneirik Suicide Bombs Livicus!
N1 Begins
D2 Day Phase I Begins
D2 Day Phase II Begins
Marluxion Self-Destructs!
N2 Begins



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/You’re powered up, get in there


/prein as part of the Houston Outlaws

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Also if I get one of my mains I will squeal internally, and probably in my class card.

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We need a example card.

Also are there any hero claiming vig.

Litten have you played overwatch


Hoping to get Tracer, D.Va, or Brigette (Widowmaker is fine too, I don’t main her, but I can make a great impression)

Correct. There will be anti-claim mechanics. Some require a full-claim, others require only the passive to claim, others only require the ultimate to claim.

Plus, I kind of need anti-slank mechanics for an 28p game. :grin:


I want Mei ;-;

I think Litten wanted to know about an example card

and I think it would be good for other players too

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Widow better have a killing ability that’s 95% guaranteed to fail cause damn can I just not shoot with her.

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(Just secretly watch Reaper, Sombra, Doomfist, Widowmaker, Symmetra, Hanzo be the scumteam)

An example card alongside the map effects will be coming shortly.

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Alright Captain

Theorising Bastion as a lost wolf already btw

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Yeah, I like playing Widow on MH or on QP, on comp? Yeah, that’d kind of be throwing for me. I typically prefer playing Reinhardt, Orisa, Brig, or Mercy.

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Lucioball FM when

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