[OUTDATED] How to properly Mystic Meta

How to Mystic Meta:
Claim Mystic D1 and tell the Prince to jail you n1 (to avoid being converted and be 100% confirmed BD Mystic on d2)
Use Private Matters and gather all the claims.
If you get a Sheriff or Paladin claim announce what type of game it is. (unseen or cult)
Whisper the Prince the claims list before night starts, so he can get a better jail target.

Start upping people that haven’t claimed to you as soon as d2.
You can also make the court up YOU for some additional thinking and claiming time.
Remember, there can be 2 trials each day, don’t waste your time.

If it’s an Unseen game:
ask the sheriffs to scout you, so you are always confirmed BD and to deter Unseen from converting you.
If it’s a Cult game:
you might want to be jailed n2 depending on the claims you have gathered to avoid a potential conversion if the Cult Leader missed their n1 convert. Starting from n3 you can be smited by the Paladins to remain BD, since that ability protects you from it.

Tell the investigatives to check weak claims or non claims.
Weak claims include: Knight, Phys, Chrono, Princess, Maid, Sheriff/Paladin that havent been somehow confirmed thanks to their abilities.
Tell the King to check Support and Investigative claims, since they are the only ones that when found as something else will be confirmed evil.
A Knight being found as Killer gives you nothing.
A Princess being found as Killer will.
If you have any Noble claims you want them to use Noble Twin at least once. After that they can use Political Pressure on you to confirm themselves BUT ONLY if it’s an Unseen game.

Continuing if you have a Noble claim, use his Gossip ability to confirm weak claims that were mentioned before. Tell him to gossip someone and push those people to use their abilities on that target.

You know what they say, 2 heads is better than 1. Then how about 3 or 4 heads.

Only Telepathy after an Assassin/MM dies in Unseen games. Illusionist can also use telepathy, but if one of those 2 dies and if you were converted, you would become the next Assassin. And since Assassin cannot Telepathy you are still confirmed to be Mystic.

Rinse, repeat.

If you got any ideas on what’s missing or what I could add to make this the perfect anti fun meta, feel free to post them :slight_smile:


How to Mystic meta:
Remove whispers and rework mystic

The claim metas have been proven not to increase BD winrates (they actually decreased 3%) and is boring to play with
The only meaningful changes? Possessor wineate upped to 20% and Reaper fell to 10%.

Whispers should never be removed. They are only a problem when used to mass claim.

What’s wrong with Mystic? Only the meta is broken. A neighborizer is a good concept.


If mystic met dies there will be prince meta, hunter meta, butler meta or anything
Removing whispers is just easier

Just because it’s easier doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution. Only the prince meta could really work, but that still has a ton of counters. It couldn’t really work with anything else. It has only been a problem with Mystic and Prince because of how confirmable they are(And confirmability is required for the theme of those classes), plus Mystic just makes the meta itself easier and Prince is unconvertable

I don’t do mystic meta as mystic even if bd loses I don’t use the meta

I see you are a man of culture as well

Step 1: Ask for jail D1
Step 2: Don’t get jailed
Step 3: Turn on PMS D2 & D3 and get nothing
Step 4: Get killed in jail for being a fool

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This never happens

I have an army of stuff to prove it wrong

I was actually in that game. That was because the prince wasn’t paying attention though


Prince exed a fake prince claim since the prince didn’t realize that the fake prince claim was a confirmed mystic


We’ve done it boys, now only a few more days and I can slap an [OUTDATED] on this bad boy.


The end on an era :sob:

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Fuck the Mystic Meta