[Other] Request for tips and to Observe Design and Hosting process for anyone who might be comfortable with that going forward


I suppose some might be wondering why I’ve decided to remove myself from design and hosting for the forseeable future.

I’ve done some thinking and realized that, well, ever since my first time co-hosting with EFoL 3 to my latest in Insurgency, all seven games that I’ve co-hosted have all contained some kind of egregious errors from me, in the design process and/or in the hosting process.

All of the games that were “my” idea (Virtuous and Insurgency so far, I think), I never really designed any of. I left all the work to co-designers, which I am really sorry for. I don’t know if it’s that I actually suck at balance like I claim, or I just fear to try, or something else. I’m sorry to co-designers that I time burdoned immensely in this regard.

All games that this wasn’t the case, i.e. pre-established setups, all had some sort of egregious mechanical and/or laziness error(s) in-game that were my and only my fault.

Ultimately, at this point, I absolutely have never done a game anywhere near competently, if you consider its origin at ideological conception to completion of the game. Personally, I assess the process as a whole for each and every game I’ve been a part of from the hosting end, I’ve never even reached 50% of what I think should be acceptable.

I know some people have had fun in my games, but at this point, it is just not safe anymore for me to be a full-on co-designer or co-host for anything, for the forseeable future.

I don’t mean to wallow in self-pity, but yeah this thread is I guess just a request for tips applicable to me specifically on how to not be so royally incompetent throughout the game creation and running process.

It’s also a request to anyone that would be okay with that to observe the design and hosting process for any games going forward, as well as for me be able to ask questions in such chats to take notes on, but with zero responsibilities and zero hosting duties. Maybe if I learned from those far better from me and studied such philosophies, I might one day be able to co-design or co-host properly. No way to know for sure, but worth a shot, I figure.


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you probably don’t need to do even that

when it comes to building setups
it isn’t that complicated as long as you have every interaction figured out beforehand

I think you had so many ideas that they all flooded over yourself.
You should stick with maybe one or two and work off of them. Leave a few notes for what setups to design. I’ve recently been using https://simplenote.com/

I’d also be happy to look over your design process. I’m not extremely experienced but it’s good to have an extra pair of eyes.

My tip for like stuff in general

don’t overplan or overdo things

like you might eventually feel like getting back into hosting eventually. Just don’t queue like 7 games in case you decide you don’t want to anymore.


My hosting abilities are more of a concern than my design abilities, at the moment, I think

then what are your problems as a host

This is what caused Jeffree Star Sister Showdown, Seven Deadly Sins and Viva la Revolution to rot in my inbox for me.
I’m just focusing on a few setups at a time now.

jeffree star sister showdown was the one I was looking at, right?
fuck I forgot

Yeah. You were looking at that one.
It’s all in Grande Idea.
Tbh I forgot about it as well LOL

or did you just go a completely different direction

fake flips are kinda eh
cool as a base
maybe reuse some things later

I really don’t understand why people beat themselves up over making mistakes as a host. Making a mistake in the past is just a mistake you avoid in the future.

Did I use fake flips in JSSS?

I thought it was the blue…something
can’t remember exact name
scumrole that flipped as town

i dont recall anything massively going wrong in SFoL58 other than a few hosting disagreements and errors that were picked up before night had ended or very very shortly after

let’s see

EFoL 3: I failed to do anything after like 1-2 days and Solic felt helpless due to my unforseen laziness

FoL 24: I failed to remember the existence of royal blood, which may have changed the course of the game. Also I may have caused a couple more moderrors; IDR

SFoL 57: Several moderrors from me led to the canning of the game; even if I maintain that they were due to instinct and learning the hardway that I’ll never be capable of hosting alone, that was still absolutely horrible.

BotF IV: I caused a moderror due to negligence in which I had to quickly redefine how a role worked so the game was not canned.

RMIV: I trashed the play of a player in scumchat which caused an integrity violation.

Everything before insurgency, I’ve talked way too much in scumchat and in the main thread which is absolutely unacceptable. Not sure in my abilities to keep this away for good even though I think I did a decent job in insurgency.

SFoL 58: Even though there were no moderrors, katze did basically all night actions, this level of hosting laziness was again not acceptable, like EFoL 3.

Insurgency: I’m unsure if I messed up in any notable way in-game, but I did essentially nothing of value in the 2-month plus design process, leaving everything for dat, which was perhaps the worst sin of all.

saying this because diagnosing problem is actually important
I can have you sit in on why we can’t have nice things mafia if you want

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I didn’t do enough while hosting
And that hearkens back to virtuous which Vul designed basically all of despite it being my idea
Should have done more

I don’t remember this