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Open Setup Discussion Thread


ngl tbh all these abbreviations are nagl


If I have a specific setup of FoL that is hilarious that I want to run after someone approves it how do I sign up for review and to eventually run?


You go to the council of smart people.
(Aka mods)


also how funny


I find it quite hilarious :slight_smile:


give us a tiny bit of it :thinking:


Nope ruins the experience :slight_smile:


I have spies in the council of smart people


So… it’s going to be bastard, isn’t it?


Technically no. :slight_smile:


Define bastard

To your standards


Bastard to me is
Moderator lying to you
Moderator not following role card
Moderator attempting to unduly help/hinder players


Lying in a way not permitted by role cards*


so fool isn’t bastard?

Need to know


I don’t think fool is bastard because it’s part of the open setup. I think that if things like fool are not disclosed as a possibility then it would be bastard


Just host an SFoL @MathBlade


What is a wolf? I only know mafia scum


Wolf = Mafia with claws