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Open Setup Discussion Thread


I’m assuming there would be still Day 1 Lynch?


Inb4 the mafia all die and no townies ever died


yep, that is correct. Day 1 is just a normal day.

i think the setup is still UBER swingy, but if I have to be honest what else can you expect from multiball?


It’s still fun though


So if you are scum and are about to lose then you can just not kill anyone at night and stall the game forever.


oh right forgot to mention
“If nobody dies for 5 nights EVERYBODY LOSES”


Force the scum to always kill

Ez fix


That’s unfun as in mafia will always rather lose then lose


This is worse, if Vigilante is gone, and there is only 1 scum left and everyone knows who it is, then they can spend 5 nights without killing so instead of a lose it becomes a draw.


Or make the minimum amount of lynches always 1 whether someone dies or not.


No one dies for 5 nights Town auto wins :wink:


forcing wolves to always kill is a quick fix, so sure i’ll go for htat


Or give town always 1 lynch even if no one dies at night. Also, does the vigilante kill also give town an extra lynch?


I’m not which is why I asked about Day 1.

The swingyness pretty much depends on who is who on any side.
Vigilante would still have infinite shots + doesn’t suicide after shooting Town?


I hear Multiball FM

Me like.


yeah, it does
i think if village always gets a lynch it becomes a little too village-sided for my taste; takes away the wolves’ control over village


of course, that should be considered standard for vanilla games imo


Wouldn’t that take away some of the risk of killing a villager as vigilante? Since you are basically trading 1 villager for an extra lynch.


it’s still a dead villager even if it adds an extra lynch
i feel it’s still a huge detriment to shoot villas even then


That setup would look MUCH worse if Viligante wasnt in rolelist.

I very like the fact it forces both sides to act differently than in typical CFM.