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Open Setup Discussion Thread


Wait. You are calling it rough?


remember, in this case 2/3 of the Ninja JOAT’s powers are helpful, and the potential of a JK for wolves is also very strong for them

i agree Row 5 is wolfsided (around 65/35 wolf/village)- but definitely still winnable for village


Wait there is a winrate for each?


nah, it’s only been run 3 times, but that’s my personal estimate for the winrates of that row


Overall seems fun with the diversity of what could spawn


the main thing to note is that the wolves only really know the setup if one of the two likely village prs dies in each case, which adds a lot of layers to the strategy and balances the overall wolfsided setups back against them


after all, JK has a lot of levels with how it plays in early-game for wolves; do they try and stop the potential vigilante from killing, or do they try and block the village PRs?

same for Ninja JOAT, it has a lot of layers and encourages wolves to speculate the setup and PR hunt more


soooo yeah



just when you thouhgt it was safe to call wolves scum:

here’s one from MU, you rand it by choosing a column and a random setup from that collumn
Voyeur learns the class types that target a person but not the people or the roles, Motion Detector learns if a target visited ANYBODY at all

JOAT has 1-shot Vig, 1-shot Occupy and 1-shot track


and yes I screenshotted it without first shittly photoshopping it to say wolves and village instead of “town” and “mafia”.

(MU players use the Village/Wolf thing often, but setups are done as Town/Mafia often in order to avoid confuson among communities who don’t have an annoying werewolf guy)


Which is why it should be prevented from all cost, right?


this is true, but it’s hard to do that as we all know


but what was the real purpose of this thread, you ask…?

Why, because I want to design a 17p open setup with all of your help. But, of course, there’s a few more setups to go through first; so bear with me


Oh boy.
The moment when you realise it give you original Mafia flashbacks


oh and a final setup to chew on when you all come back:

A multiball 17er from MafiaScum!

Kill All Townies

Village Red Seer
Village Black Seer
Village Vigilante
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager

Red Alpha Wolf
Red Wolf Angel
Vanilla Red Wolf

Black Alpha Wolf
Black Wolf Angel
Vanilla Black Wolf

  • Red Seer peeks for Red Wolves and Black Seer peeks for Black Wolves. Alpha Wolf appears to be a Villager always.
  • If 1 villager dies at night, then 1 player is lynched that day.
  • If 2 villagers die at night, then 2 players are lynched that day.
  • If 3 villagers die at night, then 3 players are lynched that day.


If none die?


then nobody is lynched the following day


Black = Purple

Okay… :eyes:


Who thought that was a good idea


the setup designer, who wanted to reduce the swinginess in multiball’s power by determining village’s by how fucked they get every round