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Open Setup Discussion Thread


games naturally skew in village’s favor without the designer doing anything
i’ll do one more setup (read; copy) and then I’ll do my homework

this thread won’t die for a while longer, however.


Basically the entire town has the same weak PR


that isn’t mountainous though


Indeed it is not. Power mountainous is not regular mountainous


So no mechanical confirmation however everyone gets a single same ability :smirk:


Also I remember the joat game you did a while back do it again


Technically it applies so long as the TOWN has the same ability. Mafia can still be more interesting


JOAT madness was not power mountainous


so, you’ve all seen Ninjas and Guns, right?

i’d like you all to have a look at it again pl0x


I know but it was fun


Give it to us


Think giving the entire town a 1 shot peek and each mafia a 1 shot tailor/frame (flip the investigated alignment of target player)


Ninjas and Guns

The game will feature 13 Villagers VS 4 Wolves. The Wolf kill is factional and assigned.

To decide the power roles, take a random row OR column from the below table to decide the power roles. In a case of OR, do a coinfip to decide which role to use. The same Wolf role cannot spawn twice (with the exception of Vanilla Wolf, obviously.)

The Matrix (Read Thoroughly)
1 Village Seer Wolf Jailkeeper OR Wolf Ninja JOAT Village Jailkeeper Vanilla Villager Wolf 1-shot Vigilante
2 Vanilla Vilager Village Angel Wolf Role Seer Wolf 1-shot Vigilante Village Mason (x2)
3 Wolf Ninja JOAT Village Tracker Wolf 1-shot Vigilante Village Innocent Child Village Bodygaurd
4 1-shot Bulletproof Villager Wolf Role Seer OR Wolf Jailkeeper Village Vigilante Wolf Jailkeeper OR Wolf Ninja JOAT Vanilla Villager
5 1-shot Wolf Vigilante OR Wolf Role Seer Vanilla Villager Vanilla Villager Villager JOAT Wolf Jailkeeper

Village Seer starts the game with an N0 peek on a random Villager, and learns the allignment of whoever they peek every night. (excluding Wolf JOAT)
Wolf Role Seer starts the game with an N0 peek on a random Vanilla Villager, and learns the entire role of whoever they peek every night.

Village JOAT has 2 uses of Seer, 2 uses of Vigilante and 2 uses of Jailkeeper, but must cycle through all the abilities before being able to use one again (EG: JOAT peeks someone with Seer, they must then Jailkeep and Shoot a player before they can use their second use of the Seer ability).

Wolf Ninja JOAT chooses one of these three passive abilities every night. This cannot be blocked by anyone or anything.

  • Ninja - Your visits will not show to anyone who Tracks you tonight.
  • Godfather - You will appear as a Villager to any Seers who target you tonight.
  • Bulletproof - You cannot die tonight. After this ability has blocked a kill you will be informed and may never use this ability again.

Jailkeepers and Angels cannot target the same player two nights in a row, everyone else can.
Nobody can target themselves except for the Ninja JOAT


Why is vanilla considered a power role though


it’s not, it’s just to fill up the Matrix otherwise what’s the point of it being a Matrix


The innocent child with a bodyguard seems rough


in that game only one of the PRs can actually do anything; the 1-shot vigi
i think that one would be slightly wolfsided but wolves not knowing the setup changes everything for them


the IC + Villager JOAT seems bad too


Honestly though. Row 5 seems the most Wolf sided


I guess so but if it did spawn seems a little rough for mafia but the extra kill is nice for them then.